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Aphrodisiacs for Life

Hello, I am Stephanie, your Aphrodite of the Kitchen. I am passionate about aphrodisiacs and want to inspire you. I’m pleased to share my love of food with you. What we eat and cook or [un]cook and how it makes us feel is our food for good living. Wellness, exercise, and living with all senses open — being sensual, happy and vibrant!

I am excited to share my own explorations with food and post recipes that nourish and delight so that you can feel good too. Good fresh food makes us feel delicious! You are what you eat. I am most passionate about 40+ women’s health and how using everyday “aphrodisiacs” for vitality can help us feel our best. Herbs and spices that enhance our zest for life, recipes that inspire, and food that delights the sensualist in you is what I am all about.

I am inspired to help you discover the recipes that make you feel sensual, inspired, passionate and plum delicious.